Making a positive difference

We actively support property professionals in making a positive impact on those around them and further afield, by taking a sustainable, environmental approach to our work and giving back to the community.


The Fine & Country Foundation

The Fine & Country Foundation is dedicated to supporting and funding homeless causes in the UK and overseas. Since its creation in 2014, the Foundation has raised nearly £500,000 and gives the entirety of donations to homeless charities.

Environmental Social Governance

We are extensively and continuously review our ESG approach and our impact on the environment. We regularly review our company’s energy use, waste, pollution and natural resource conservation as well as its place in the world.

Our company’s business relationships are reviewed, including local community/volunteering/donations.

With regard to governance, we ensure the company uses accurate and transparent accounting methods and that stakeholders are given an opportunity to vote on important issues, conflicts of interest are avoided and of course there are no illegal practices.